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UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality and innovative English language courses. Our curriculum incorporates a communicative and holistic approach with cultural immersion in the customs and language of the United Kingdom. We are here to serve the needs of learners whose first language is not English, helping them to improve their English language abilities and to be successful in pursuit of their academic, business and personal goals.

The UK School of English is located in an affluent residential area of Croydon in south London. It benefits from beautiful parks and gardens, delightful local shops and restaurants and easy access to all the wonders that London has to offer. With a wide choice of homestay accommodation on offer, the school has established itself as an excellent choice where high standards and location cannot be compromised. We also offer residential accommodation, which is conveniently located within the school premises.

The school is accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) as Premier College  and is also a registered Trinity Exam Centre. 

Mission Statement of  UK School of English

To provide quality and cost-effective English courses and a memorable learning experience in London, remembering that language learners have diverse goals and learning styles at all levels of English language competences, from Beginner to Proficiency level.

A cross-cultural vision

At UK School of English, we foster and promote global communication and cross-cultural understanding between students, host families and members of staff.

Assistance to international students

Here, at UK School of English, you will receive advice, whether academic, personal, professional, or immigration related. We are always willing to help. We are constantly improving our programme to develop a language school to the benefit of its students, partners and members of staff.

Fun, interactive and communicative English courses

Our teachers can choose from the resources available, provided by the School. You will receive help in improving both your accuracy and your fluency. You will also be encouraged to practise using your English. A wide variety of courses to meet your needs Our English courses are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students. You can study general English at any level from Beginner to Proficiency (subject to demand). 

You can study for the Cambridge General English exams (FCE/CAE/CPE), or for the IELTS exam. You can also study a specialist course such as English for Teachers or English for Academic Purposes. There is something for everyone here.

We offer English courses at a suitable time for you

You can join any of our courses on any Monday (excluding bank holidays). Courses run throughout the year, and you can choose how long you would like to stay with us and what time of day would suit you best.


UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality and innovative English language courses.

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