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Attendance Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to:

  • ensure that students education and welfare is not harmed through lateness or absence
  • ensure that students are warned of the implications of lateness or absence
  • ensure that students, teachers and other UK School staff are all aware of required standards and procedures regarding attendance

This policy will be communicated to students through the school website and on paper as part of the student induction pack. It will be communicated to staff on paper as part of the Quality Handbook and explained at a Teacher’s meeting.

The Directors are responsible for applying this policy throughout the school and reviewing its effectiveness at least twice yearly.

Standards of Attendance expected from students

  • Students must attend all the classes agreed with the school at the start of their course.
  • Full time students with student visas must attend the full 15 hours per week of their course to comply with legal requirements.
  • Students must be punctual for classes and stay for the full class.
  • A full time visa student unable to attend due to emergency must contact reception before the class starts.
  • Monitoring and Management of Attendance by the school
  • Teachers must record attendance using the procedure in this document. The administrator must maintain the record of attendance daily.
  • If a full time student is absent without contacting the school, reception must attempt to contact the student to check on their welfare and get an explanation. These contacts must be logged and recorded.
  • If a student is persistently absent without a good reason, the school must issue a warning by letter or email.

UK School Teachers’ Attendance Procedure

  • Collect the attendance register (included in the academic course files) from the school office and take it into the class before the lesson starts. Administrator will already have marked AL or SL for students with Authorised Leave or known Sick Leave.
  • Within 5 mins of the start of the lesson, ask the students to sign the register.
  • Students who arrive later than 15mins of the start of the class must be challenged to explain their reason. Their signatures must be highlighted by the teacher.
  • At the end of the lesson, any absent students are marked ‘A.’

Only the teacher can mark students A.

  • If a student attempts to change or falsify a register, this is a disciplinary offence. Notify the Director of Studies and the student will receive a written warning.
  • If a student joins a class after the register has been printed, the teacher must ask the student to write their name neatly and sign.
  • The register must not be left unattended in a classroom.


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