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Behaviour Policy

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UK School is an adult school, and students are expected to behave in a manner suitable to a professional, adult international learning environment. This means that, in our school students must:

·         Arrive punctually for lessons and stay for the full lesson Focus during lessons

·         Complete homework and other assignments when asked

·         Treat all staff and all other students with courtesy, integrity and respect, irrespective of gender, including gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, having or not having dependents, religious belief or political opinion, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins), disability, sexual orientation or age.

And students must not

·         Use electronic devices during lessons

·         Be disruptive or distract other students

·         Cause any damage to the school property or equipment

·         Take unscheduled breaks or leave lessons without permission

Please note that these requirements are in addition to statutory laws, or legal obligations arising from your visa status or status as a non-British person resident in the UK.

We are confident that students will follow this Behaviour Policy fully.

In the event of a student breaching this Behaviour Policy, the Directors of the school may impose sanctions which may include:

·         A verbal reprimand with a request for an apology

·         A first written warning that behaviour has been unacceptable

·         A final written warning that behaviour is unacceptable

·         Expulsion from the school

UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality and innovative English language courses.

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