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Student Accommodation

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Choosing the right place to stay is of foremost importance. Living in the right environment will greatly influence your academic and personal life in the UK.

There are a number of options that you can choose from like shared rooms, houses, flats, halls of residence for renting either privately or in groups. Students are advised to search on websites like,, etc. which have a number of options listed on them.
One can also enlist the help of accommodation agencies present in Croydon that will guide you towards your ideal lodging according to your budget, proximity to the college and space requirements.
UK School can also provide students a homestay service through our agent. Homestay can benefit summer students staying in Croydon on a short term basis and all students who wish to practice their English in an English speaking family environment. All bedrooms are fully furnished bedrooms and include bedding and laundry. Options of with meals, bed and breakfast or room only arrangement is available. Families are carefully selected and all rooms are previously inspected beforehand. For under 18’s homestay with meals is the most suitable and safe option.
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